Friday, November 18, 2011

Surrender is the only option

I recently made a post about betrayal, and how it made me feel. I also recently had a conversation about it, in which I opened up again about how I feel about the subject of Honest, Trust, Loyalty and Betrayal in which someone else told me this . . .

I am putting it here to remind myself of what it means to surrender and what must happen for that to take place.

<Name Left Blank> In my opinion there are two things that stand in the way of a kajira's surrender
<Name Left Blank> When she does not know the nature of the person she is giving away. And when she does not know the nature of the person she is giving herself to.
<Name Left Blank> Being lied to is in the second category.
<Name Left Blank> For surrender you need trust. And for trust you need a man strong enough to be honest.
<Name Left Blank> When you lie to someone you mold the world around their expectations, and you are a slave to them and to the situation.

Very Interesting points, indeed.

I thought the issue was my jealousy  . . . .  apparently it isn't.

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