Monday, November 14, 2011


Immortals is a movie that I really had been looking forward to for quite some time, plus when you hear that the 300 producers are on board you know that you are going to be in for a visual treat.

And that is exactly what you get, this movie is visually very beautiful as the CGI has been crafted with a real sense of care, giving it the feel of an old epic.

Much like 300 the movie is about the battle and the violence rather than having a deep and meaningful story, and artistic licences were taken when it comes to the story of mythology, but it is an entertaining ride all the same.

Henry Cavill has plenty to do from a physical perspective in this movie, and it has to be said he looks incredible, but there is not much in terms of character development, and the really great movies develop characters and make you feel for the people involved in the movies.

Mickey Rourke is perfectly cast as King Hyperion; cruel, evil, violent Rourke really does embody this character and brings a real air of menace to the role, I loved him when he was younger and am glad to see him making a come back.

But what is very disappointing about the movie is the real lack of action from the Gods, there’s only one major scene coming towards the end of the film - which I think is a major shame, so much more could have been done. I look forward to a second movie and much more action from them.

Singh must be congratulated for the stunning spectacle that he has created with this movie if the script and the characters could have matched the look of the film then we would have been in for one hell of a ride. I watched a clip on tv about the extensive care taken to make sure the fight scenes were not chopping and edited too much, which I like because nothing ruins a movie more than choppy fight scenes.

Having said that Immortals is a fast paced story, if a little simple, but it is a fun movie that really does transport you to another world and is highly entertainable, and that is what makes it good, but it had the potential to be great.

Immortals was much better than last year’s Clash of the Titans remake but it failed to reach the dizzy heights of the fab 300.

But I still think it kicked ass and I highly recommend it!

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